The youth department is now preparing for her annual year end event which is scheduled for the 27th of December 2014. A year end camp, which is usually hosted by ECOL National Youth Ministry, is held every December to climax youth activities of all ECOL churches; a ministry which ICM is a part of since the church is a member of the Evangelical body in Liberia. The camp hosts about 75 to 100 persons.

Besides that camp, missionaries Dan & Pat Hill have also been influential in organizing summer camps (around August) that were not held due to several factors including the Ebola outbreak, and so forth. The Hills have also provided many study materials for youth bible studies since their time in Liberia.

The photo below shows the ICM youth group after bible studies on Thursday (5-6).


This year’s event will replace the usual annual camp. Due to the Ebola outbreak, many facilities have been shut down and the usual gathering of people have been quelled. This event will replace the usual camping but aims at keeping the youth body “together” despite the current situation. Participants are expected to meet the 5 USD registration fee and attend youth Thursdays two weeks before the day of departure which is the 27th of December. The youth body is also planning fund raising programs to help mitigate cost per individual.

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