Pastor Moses Gwole and workers

International Church of Monrovia (ICM) – Building Project

Seeing the rising growth in membership and congregation of the church, the leadership of ICM, in consultation with the leadership of ECOL (Evangelical Church of Liberia), requested from SIM Liberia a strip of land (just behind the old edifice) that would enable her to build a more spacious edifice. This request was later granted after careful scrutiny of the request by the SIM Liberia board of directors via her executive director William H. E. Elphick.

The leadership then established a committee to spearhead the construction of a new edifice that should host a congregation of about 250 persons with offices, music library, and etc. The six men committee which was chaired by Elder John Kpowee, commenced work on May 18, 2014.


    Project Description


Project Title:                                           ICM Building Project


Project Location:                                 ELWA Compound


Target Beneficiaries:                          ICM Church members and Christian Community


Project Implementer:                       Project Committee, ICM


Project Finances / Time Frame


Project Estimates:                               130,000.00 (United States Dollars)


Project Duration:                                 Three (3) Years


Date of Proposal:                                   31 January 2014


Duration of Project:

This project is expected to last for 36 (thirty-six) months beginning from the day of the construction work.                      The plan is to have enough materials on the ground before construction begins.



1. Donors/Organization

2. ICM (International Church of Monrovia)

Executive Arrangements (Who Does What)

Donors/Organizations will
a. Provide funds for construction as the Lord leads.
b. Provide materials as available
c. Provide work teams.

Church Input

The Church will also provide funds and manpower:

• Give opportunity to members to contribute to the project
• Provide storage facilities for construction materials and tools.
• Provide unskilled labor
• Making of blocks
• Providing water for construction
• Providing electricity for the construction
• Oversee the use and report of funds through the building committee


   Cost Breakdown of Construction:

Worship Auditorium

Scope of Work


Description                                                               Cost

Preliminaries                                                            $ 300.00
General Mobilization                                             $ 5,450.00
Profiling                                                                      $ 355.50
Foundation                                                                $ 8,748.50
Ground Floor Concrete Casting                        $ 10,555.00

Subtotal                                                                    $ 25,409.00


Description                                                                Cost

Ground Floor Superstructure                            $ 9,696.42

Subtotal                                                                    $ 9,696.42


Description                                                                 Cost

Roofing Works                                                         $ 16,626.25

Subtotal                                                                   $ 16,626.25

PHASE IV Finishings

Description                                                                 Cost

Plastering                                                                 $ 2,490.00
Ceiling                                                                        $ 7,350.00
Mechanical                                                              $ 1,150.00
Windows & Doors                                                  $ 7,510.00
Electricals                                                                $ 4,480.00
Tiling & Wainscoting                                            $ 2,925.00
Ironmongery                                                          $ 6,050.00
Painting                                                                     $ 3,862.50

Subtotal                                                                  $ 35,817.50

Description                                                                   Cost

Landscaping and Demobilization                    $ 3,500.00

Subtotal                                                                   $ 3,500.00

Allowance for Transportation                          (5%) $ 4,552.46

Allowance for Labor                                             (30%) $ 27,314.75

Allowance for Contingency                                (5.76%) $ 7,083.62


Total Value of Project                                     $ 130,000.00

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